Personal Care

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Profoot Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Men
Php 575.00
Profoot Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Women
Php 575.00
Relaxus Magnetic Ball Acu-Reflex 2-pack
Php 350.00
Apex 7-day Mediplanner Pill Organizer
Php 410.00
Imak Pain Relief Mask
Php 920.00
Mosquito Repelant Bracelet
Php 1,595.00
Relaxus Gel Thera Toes Pair
Php 495.00
Profoot Ultra Gel Insoles Men's
Php 595.00
Imak Arthritis Socks (Medium)
Php 1,545.00
Profoot Flat Fix Men's
Php 700.00
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Double Air-Pillo Insoles
Php 495.00
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Air-Pillo Insoles
Php 300.00
Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles for Men -1 Pair
Php 1,995.00
Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles - Women's, 1 Pack
Php 1,995.00
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Heel Cushions for Women, 1 Pair
Php 895.00
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Tri-Comfort Insoles for Men, 1 Pair
Php 1,295.00
Cadie Jewelry Cloths
Php 225.00
Ring Snuggies Ring Adjuster, 6 count
Php 255.00
Profoot Flex Tastic, One Pair
Php 860.00
Profoot Orthotic Triad Inserts Women 2021
Php 610.00
Profoot Miracle Insoles Men 2OZ 2046
Php 610.00
Profoot Vita Gel Toe Relief Pad 1575
Php 300.00
Profoot Vita Gel Toe Spacer 1558
Php 300.00
Snore Blockers® Soft Foam Ear Plugs Macks
Php 475.00
Aqua Block® Ear Plugs Macks (2 pairs)
Php 495.00
Profoot Ultra Gel Insoles Women 2090
Php 595.00
Shooters Ear Seals® Ear Plugs Macks (1 pair)
Php 300.00
SleepRight Tongue Cleaner
Php 295.00
Profoot Flat Fix Women's
Php 700.00
Profoot Goodnight Bunion Regulator
Php 695.00
Visco Gel Bunion Guard P46L24
Php 610.00
Visco Gel Toe Buddy P33OSFM
Php 390.00
Zip Sox Zip Up Compression Socks
Php 675.00
Dr Scholl's® Molefoam Padding Strips - 2 strips
Php 450.00
Kanguru Sirena Blanket
Php 745.00
Profoot Vita Gel Corn Toe Wraps 1562
Php 300.00
Profoot Plantar Fasciitis Men 2103
Php 575.00
ProFoot Workaday Gel Insoles Men's
Php 725.00
Dr. Floss Flosser For Kids 30-Count
Php 120.00
Toothbrush Holder Flipper Tooth Fairy - Gigi and Freckie
Php 225.00
Dr. Tungs Smart Floss, 30 yards
Php 190.00
Profoot Heel Snugs
Php 185.00
Tuli's Gel Classic Heel Cups
Php 695.00
Sweet Swear Waist Trimmer
Php 2,295.00
Step 1 Heel Snugs 2 Pairs
Php 260.00
Step 1 Toe Beds
Php 365.00
Profoot Vita Gel All Day Bunion, One Size Fits All
Php 365.00
Toothbrush Holder Flipper Onolulu - Happy and Poppy
Php 199.00
Dr. Scholl's Bunion Cushions with ComfortPlus (6 cushions - 1 Pack)
Php 395.00
Bed Bands Original
Php 425.00
Therawell Icy Cool Towel + Tumbler
Php 550.00
HealthMate Active Heat Back Wrap
Php 3,790.00
Profoot Heel Snugs 3 Pairs
Php 475.00
Grabber Warmers Camo Hand Warmers
Php 100.00
Restorology Lumbar Support Back Cushion
Php 1,190.00

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