Garbage & Recycling Bins

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Simplehuman Step Can Mini Round 4.5L CW1852
Php 2,499.00
Simplehuman Step Can 30 L Rectangle CW1884 Deluxe
Php 10,999.00
Simplehuman Step Can Plastic 6 L Black
Php 1,895.00
Simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Slim Kitchen Step Trash Can
Php 3,995.00
Simplehuman Open Can Slim 50L CW1467
Php 10,495.00
EKO Shell 6L Semi-Round Step Trash Can Brushed Stainless Steel
Php 1,495.00
Eko Step Bin Della 12L MT-12L
Php 3,495.00
Eko Step Bin Della 20 L BLACK BL-20L
Php 4,895.00
Simplehuman Rectangular Step Bin with Liner Pocket, 30 L
Php 6,995.00
Simplehuman Swing Top Can 55 L CW1442
Php 14,495.00
Simplehuman Step Can 30 L Round CW1810 Deluxe
Php 5,295.00
Simplehuman Step Can Semi ROUND 60 L S/S CW2029
Php 12,995.00
Simplehuman Step Can Semi ROUND 35 L S/S CW1894
Php 6,995.00
Simplehuman Step Can Dark BRONZE 35 L S/S CW2046
Php 6,995.00
Simplehuman Step Can SLIM 45 L S/S CW2044
Php 9,995.00
Simplehuman Step Can Polished 4.5L S/S CW1851
Php 2,595.00
Simplehuman Open Can Bullet 80 L Dark Bronze CW1476
Php 18,995.00
Simplehuman Open Can Bullet 60 L Dark Bronze CW1475
Php 14,995.00
Simplehuman Open Can Bullet 80L CW1469
Php 16,995.00
Eko Classic Step Bin 12L EK9625
Php 1,495.00
Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can With Liner Pocket, 55 L, WHTSSCW20
Php 15,595.00
Simplehuman Step Can Dark Bronze 4.5 L S/S CW2040
Php 1,995.00

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