Start Your DIY Room Makeover: The Four Painting Essentials

By Christina Dolina | Sep 10, 2020

If you have been planning on repainting your dull bedroom wall or revamping old furniture, now is the time to do it. But before you change the color of a room, make sure to decide on what mood you want to set or how you want it to look like. The color of your choice can completely change the appearance of a space, so make sure to pick the right one. Starting your DIY project may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it when you finally see your vision come to life. It’s a good thing that True Value’s here with all the DIY tools you will need to make your living space even more beautiful.


1  Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer

Start your paint job with a primer to have a strong base for your topcoat and undercoat. The Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer is a water-based primer-sealer with a low odor that is perfect for indoors and outdoors. If you want a great performing primer, try this!


2 EasyCare Interior and WeatherAll Exterior

Choosing the right brand is as important as choosing the right color. Since you are doing this by yourself, you do not want to keep on going over the same area to achieve the right payoff or have a hard time cleaning up the paint splatter on the floor afterward. More so, you do not want to stay in a room that smells like chemicals, right? The EasyCare Interior paint gives you just that, good coverage, low odor and is easy to clean. If you are planning to paint your balcony or backyard, go with the WeatherAll Exterior paint that has just the same features.

If you are having a hard time deciding what color you want, download the EasyCare Color Design in Google Play and App store to explore different colors for your room.


3  Premium Décor, Color Décor, and X-O Rust Spray Paints

Your furniture and accessories must complement the color of your space to achieve the vibe you are going for. If you have a piece of old furniture that needs a little bit of revamping, opt for spray paint instead for easier application. The Premium Décor, Color Décor, and X-O Rust spray paints are quick to dry and comes in a wide variety of colors.


4  The Linzer Better Paint Brush Set, 4 Piece

It may be overwhelming to choose a paintbrush because of the wide array of availability. But here’s what you need to consider: size, shape, and quality. The Linzer Better Paint Brush Set includes four brush sizes with both flat and angled tips that will help you paint over different surfaces. The bristles are made with fine polyester filaments that provide great pick-up, coverage, and a smooth finish making it the perfect set for your DIY project.


5   Werner 5906 Ladder, 6-Foot

For hard to reach places, it is recommended to use a ladder. The Werner 5906 Ladder is great for both indoor and outdoor. Plus, there is no need to climb up and down just to get fresh paint because of the paint can hanger at the top.

It’s time to re-decorate your space! Start your DIY project by getting these four essentials at any True Value store or thru True Value To-Go.  

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