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Shoes and Spaces

In homes where a woman lives, it is a wonted setting to find more than one pair of shoes. It is therefore, necessary to design a shoe storage plan for an organization solution so that spaces may be maximized and shoes are stored appropriately with a touch of style.

  • Identify the shoes used most often, particularly those pairs worn for work or school. These shoes should be placed in the most accessible area for easy pick up.
  • Select the most convenient location in the home to place the shoe organizer. Suggested areas are at the back of the front door or along the patio but walls and closets are not to be singled out. The most accessible area however are along the patios or by the door, where you can easily pick up the shoe on the way out.
  • Choose the most suitable organization plan that will allow for easy reach of the shoes. This is most useful when in a hurry.
  • Settle upon a design to organize the shoes that conforms to your lifestyle or fashion style.
  1. Visibility Box
    The see-through boxes are best for individuals with a less demanding need for different pairs of shoes. This storage plan is highly recommended for individuals with less demanding lifestyle because they can store the shoes in a pile of clear boxes and choose among the pairs on occasions. The ultra clear plastic makes it easy to identify the shoe style without having to open the box. It is important to choose boxes with easy-to-open lids to avoid the hassle of opening tightly closed boxes.
  2. Wheel-A-Shoe
    The shoe wheel defines fashion and function in one package. While maximizing space, this shoe wheel accommodates several pairs of shoes. This organizational plan is recommended for fashionable individuals on the go, with a need for different pairs of shoes everyday.
  3. Shoe Tree
    Mostly in limited spaces, the Chrome Shoe Tree is best suitable to use as an organizational plan. The tree-like structure takes up very little space on the floor with independent revolving tiers to allow a quick spin and get the needed shoe. The base of the Shoe Tree is weighted to support a strong and stable base that holds up the tree-like design.
  4. Shoe on the Wall
    Walls are another great option for limited spaces. Walls of a condominium unit may be utilized to organize the shoes, or it may be the back a room door, or hung on a closet rod.
    The overdoor solution allows for extra space in closets, for example. It may be hang over the wall or at the back of the door.
    This shoe bag is often hanged on the closet rod. In terms of accessibility, this organizational plan is a great concept while maximizing space. This plan also gives easy access to pairs of shoes used daily as the user can easily slide in and slide out the shoes in this type of shoe organizer.
  5. Shoes on Shelves
    Walls are the best spaces to consume in an attempt to maximize space with style. Shelves are appropriate to display different shoe styles in different colors that give accent to the minimal room space. Either arrange the shoes bare or stack the clear boxes on the shelves is both great to articulate style.
  6. Rack the Shoes
    The floor and shelf shoe storage plan is another great idea involving shoe racks and bins. For homes with several pairs of shoes especially for large families, the shoe rack is ideal for easy access and visibility. This type of organization is recommended to be set up by the door or the along the patio.
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