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Improve your health by getting organized. Clutter can cause a reduction of air quality, stress, fire hazards, anxiety, and depression as well as numerous other ailments.

Here are a few ways of keeping your home healthy:

  1. Clean the air ducts in your home. All of the dust, chemicals, pollen, insects, human dead skin cells and mold spores are pulled into your air ducts and sit there and multiply. Cooking smoke, household insect sprays, air fresheners, oils from furniture polish and chemicals from personal care products are also a source of pollutants that go into the ducts.


  2. Detergents and Bleach Aid in the Relief of Asthma and other Respiratory Problems. A study proved that detergent and bleach helped reduce dust mites a main trigger for Asthma and Allergy sufferers. Dust mites live all over our home in bed linens, bedrooms and bathrooms; places where dry skin cells are deposited everyday. So use detergent and bleach to disinfect.


  3. The Kitchen is the “Heart” of the Home. Always make sure that dish cloths, towels and pot holders are clean and disinfected, this is a natural breeding place for bacteria.
      • Always disinfect counter tops, cutting boards and surfaces and anyplace else that food may come in contact with.
      • Remember to wash your hands before and after cooking to make sure that you aren’t a carrier for germs.


  4. Carpeting has many different types of germs, mold spores and bacteria living in them. Take a wet piece of paper toweling and wipe it across your carpet and you will see the evidence first hand. Inside the nap of the carpet and the padding, where it isn’t possible to see, all of the bacteria is hiding and multiplying but by using a good carpet cleaning solution, water that is at least 60 degree and a carpet cleaner it is possible to keep them under control.
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