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Turn your outdoors into an ideal place for family gatherings. Does your place look like an inviting oasis or something that's been left out in the rain? If the elements have taken their toll on yours or if it just needs a bit of a lift - you've come to the right place.

Barbecuing, relaxing and socializing with family and friends are all perfect excuses to hit the outdoors on sunny days and pleasant evenings. But you need more than a grill, table and chairs to make yours homey and inviting.

Don’t waste time! Whether it be in your garden, deck, or backyard, follow these simple steps to help you transform it from an eyesore to an eyeful. From hanging flower boxes to re-staining the surface, visit your local True Value store for everything you need.

Step 1: GO GREEN!

Cheer up your outdoors with fresh greenery and flowers. It's an easy and economical way to make it go from plain to pow! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hanging baskets and flower boxes. Clusters of vibrant natural blooms are a great way to brighten up a wooden area. Just plant some of your favorites or buy flowers already in bloom for an instant splash of color. Flower boxes are a cinch to hang over the railing and customized brackets make attaching them a snap.
  • Plant a tree. You hardly need a green thumb to grow a fichus or other small, hardy tree in a decorative basket or container. Place it in the corner of your garden for years of growing enjoyment.
  • Garden fresh. Start a fragrant herb garden and hang it by the door. You'll enjoy the aroma - and fresh, homegrown herbs and spices always taste better than store-bought.


Any porch or backyard takes on a whole new ambiance when the sun goes down. Use artificial light, like floodlights, or natural light, like napali torches, to create the perfect mood.


Unfortunately, an appealing backyard doesn't just attract two-legged creatures. Pesky critters, like insects and rodents are often drawn to people, light and food. Luckily, there are several things you can do to keep unwanted guests from spoiling your fun:

  • Yellow bug lights and citronella lamp oil or candles help repel bugs and insects.
  • You'll find plenty of special sprays and traps designed to kill ants, hornets and wasps.
  • Bug zappers make short work of mosquitoes and flies (and kids love the flash and noise they make).


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