Kitchen Safety

Every year people using barbeque grills start hundreds of fires. Damage can be extensive. Careless use of barbeques cost you millions of dollar and often tragically, destroys more than property.


In single family residences, move the barbeque grill out from under patio covers. If using charcoal grills do not use gasoline as a starter fuel, use charcoal light fuel only. No not add more fuel after the coals have already been lit.


Most importantly, keep children away from the grill to avoid them knocking it over or burning themselves. 


Many fires that start n the kitchen are caused by overheated grease or oil.


Grease fires are put out by smothering the fire, that means not letting air to get to the fire. Cover the pan or fryer with a tight fitting lid. Slide the lid over the fire from the side. Turn the appliance off. 


  • cool a burn / scald with cool running water.
  • Get medical attention immediately if burn area is charred, red and blistered.
  • Do not put butter, ointments or other types of creams or liquids on the burn. These can cause infections.
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