Home Security

Are you planning to be away from home for a more extended period of time? Here are some tips from the experts on how to make sure you find your home safe and secure, just as you left it. 




Every exterior door needs to have sturdy, properly installed entry and deadbolt lock. It’s also a good idea to install peep-holes so you can see who’s outside without having to open your door. 




The most common way to force a door open is to kick it. Upgrade to four-screw, heavy duty high security strike plates with three-inch screws to secure them deep into the doorframe. To make a forced-door entry nearly impossible, use three-inch screws in hinges as well. 


Sliding glass doors


The most important thins to remember about securing windows is the simplest: lock them. Ground-floor windows are obviously the most vulnerable. Its wise to invest in blocking devices for high-risk locations. Much like sliding glass doors, a simple wooden dowel or a charley bar-type unit can be installed. Another inexpensive option is a window/door alarm that audibly warns you if a window or door has been opened. 




Put a few lights on times. Lights left on overnight clearly signal that no one is around to turn them off! It’s also important to keep your garden under control. Big bushes and overhanging branches close to your home can provide both hiding spots and easy acess to upper stories. 


The neighbors


Your best line of defense is ultimately the people who live around you. once you get to know them, its easy to spot things that appear out of character. Keeping an eye for one another works both ways and helps you make your neighborhood a safe place for everyone.

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