10 Easy home organizing steps

1 . Look at the all-over picture of your home.  Go through every room and decide what it is that you want to do with that room and write it down.

2. See if you can find any hidden storage areas in your room. If you decide to add another shelf in the closet, use the storage space on the inside of a door or under the bed as storage.

3. Choose organizing products you like and that make you feel good.  Do you want to use Rubbermaid or are the items in a hidden area where a cardboard box will do. Using things you like (color, size,clear vs.color) that will give you a better feeling of a job-well-done.

4. Consider daily activities and routines in your home.  Place items where they are going to do you the most good. Something that you use on a daily basis should not be on a high shelf. The vacuum cleaner should be kept in or near the room you use it the most.

5 . Know why you want to get organized.Are you doing this for yourself and to make your life easier and time saving, or are you doing it because someone told you to or your neighbor is doing it?

6. Set long-term and short-term goals.What will you be happy with for now? What would you like it to look like by the end of the year? In this hurry up world, sometimes doing things a little at a time in order to achieve the higher goal is better.

7. Develop a system for paper, files and bills.By keeping on top of the paper filing, paying bills and keeping notes you will eliminate 20% of your stress in keeping up a household.

8. Keep your organizing simple.Always remember to WORK SMARTER-NOT HARDER, take things down to the most simplistic form, it is usually the best way, easiest way and is less expensive.

9. Learn how to throw things away or to donate them. Haven’t used it in a year? Get rid of it! Doesn’t fit or haven’t worn it? Get rid of it! Has needed mending for over 6 months? Fix it or Get rid of it! Get the idea??

10. Plan ahead and learn to save time If you know that you will need supplies and you already plan on getting them, make a list before you start your project and go and get everything that you will need. The job will go much faster because you will be so excited to see what it will look like.


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