Sub-floor Preparation

If you are installing ceramic tile on a bathroom floor you will save yourself time and money by removing and reinstalling the toilet yourself. For each toilet you will need one wax toilet bolt gasket, one toilet supply line, and two brass mounting bolts. Installation is the reverse of removal. Shut water supply off, flush toilet and wait. The tank should not fill up. Using channel locks or pliers, unscrew the supply line from the toilet tank and unscrew mounting bolts from toilet bowl. Use a hacksaw to cut mounting bolts if they are rusted through. Then lift and gently set toilet down on cardboard. The flange should then be cleaned and replaced as necessary. 


A common trim molding called quarteround is sometimes found installed on the bottom of baseboards. Because its rounded shape increases the grout joint along the walls it is recommended that you remove them prior to installing the tile. Using a razor knife, score the caulk seal on the top and bottom corner of the quarteround. Wedge prybar under trim by lightly tapping it with a hammer and pull trim loose.  


Because ceramic tile adds to the height of your floor any thresholds already installed are probably unsuitable for the job and should be removed.  


Vinyl flooring is a poor substrate for ceramic tile flooring and should be removed wherever possible. Use a razor knife to cut through the vinyl flooring along edges of walls. Find a loose corner or edge of vinyl and pull hard. A razor scraper may be necessary to finish the job.

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